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Zhong Xiao Building

Wakil Direktur

Email : a101@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Kantor Sekretariat

Public Affairs Center,Administrative Affairs Division

Email : a100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Kantor Personalia

Email : g100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Kantor Akuntansi

Email : h100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Divisi Urusan Akademik

Registrar Division,Curriculum Division,Inter-School Cooperation Center,Campus Service Center,

Language Center

Email : b100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Kantor Layanan Registrasi


Divisi Urusan Kemahasiswaan

Student Life Division,Extracurricular Activities Division

Email : c100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Divisi Penelitian dan Pengembangan

University Development Division,Industry-Academia Cooperation Division,Market Research Center

Email : i100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Kantor Urusan Umum

Documents and File Division,General Affairs Division,Cashier Division,Property Management Division,

Construction and Maintenance Division

Email : d100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Divisi Pengembangan Karier & Kantor Hubungan Alumni

Career & Job Placement Center,Section of Professional Certificates and Licenses,Alumni Service Center,

Employment Matching Counseling Center

Email : v100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Departemen Pendidikan Berkelanjutan

Curriculum Division, Registrar Division,Student Affairs Division,School of Continuing Education

Email : e100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw


Multi-Purpose Teaching Building 

Divisi Urusan Perpustakaan dan Informasi

Library,System and Network Management Division,Information Management Division,E-Learning Division

Email : k100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Divisi Urusan Internasional dan Lintas Selat

Cross-Strait Cooperation Division,International Cooperation Division

Email : s100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw

Pusat Pendidikan Lanjutan

Email : j100@mail.chihlee.edu.tw